About Us

What we’re all about as people and as a business.

Why We Do What We Do

You’ve started your own business because you have passion and you believe in yourself. We do too. We want to connect you, your passion, and your vision to the people you’ll serve — and make you look great while doing it.

What We Are

TurtlePie Solutions is based in Tulsa, OK.

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We love Tulsa and the incredible opportunities for small business success.

We are sticklers about details, as the details are what make a user's experience on your small business's website memorable and build loyalty.

Sticklers about detail.

Paying attention to the little details are what help make your website and your business memorable in the minds of customers.

We don't like our clients to feel left in the dark or confused about what might be going on with their small business's web presence or what we're doing to help them rank better in search engine result pages.

Focused on clarity.

We make sure you're fully aware and in-the-know about every portion of the strategies that help bring your business success.

We love cereal. We can neither confirm nor deny that we have taken copious amounts of breakfast cereal as compensation for our services

Cereal connoisseurs.

We can neither confirm nor deny that we have taken copious amounts of breakfast cereal as compensation for our services.

Our Guiding Values


Hiring someone else to do anything for your small business can feel scary. That's why we keep you in the loop and up to date with everything that we do, so you're clear on how every move we make is impacting your business for the better.


We firmly believe that every problem can be solved by having more open and honest communication, and that the quality of communication directly correlates to the quality of the finished product. We'd rather bug you than have you ever feeling left in the dark.


Honesty is the mortar that holds everything together. Without honesty, everything — be it business or normal life — just falls apart. It can be scary, and really sucky sometimes, but we’ll always be upfront and honest if we mess up or if something goes wrong that we couldn’t foresee.

Compassion, Understanding & Empathy

Helping small businesses isn't something we take lightly. Your earnings don't go to pad a fatcat executive's annual bonus — they go right into putting food on the table, getting new shoes for the kids, and making sure the bills are paid. We fully understand the stresses of small business owners, and it's why everything we do goes to making those stresses that keep you up at night go away.

Okay, you guys seem pretty cool.

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