Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation

Case Study

Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation is a non-profit that is dedicated to helping people understand the beauty and tremendous impact of hospice and palliative care. They provide support for caregivers, grief recovery education, and pour funds into hospice and palliative care organizations across the country.

We’re honored that CRHCF chose to work with us. They’re an incredible group of passionate people who exemplify how a non-profit should operate, and we love helping grow their brand and web presence.

We're honored to be a longtime partner of Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation and help them achieve their non-profit's goals for donations and brand awareness.

The Challenge

Crossroads Hospice Charitable foundation has a stellar staff of hospice and palliative care experts, with decades of expertise in caregiver support, grief recovery, and end-of-life care.

Unfortunately, no one really knew that they existed or how they were empowering communities across the United States. We needed to connect their content and their wealth of knowledge to the people and communities that needed it most.

We needed to get CRHCF found, provide their visitors with a pleasant, cohesive web experience across all devices, make available their immense wealth of knowledge, and show how they were providing communities across the country with end-of-life education.

The Strategy

To accomplish this, our goals were clear:

Establish the foundation’s business and community goals, and identify which key metrics would best show progress towards moving the needle.

Redesign the CRHCF website from the ground-up, with a focus on responsive design and providing a seamless experience for users, regardless of device type.

Create quality content at a scheduled pace to help CRHCF use their vast end-of-life care and bereavement knowledge to consistently answer the questions searchers were asking.

Develop a social strategy to help the foundation position itself as a key influencer in the end-of-life industry, grow their audience, and help them truly connect with the people they serve.

Services Provided

The Work and Design

TurtlePie created an entirely new, updated design for Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation. TurtlePie continues to create industry-leading content for Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation. TurtlePie created a blog for Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation, developed a well-defined content schedule and continues to produce quality content for their readership. TurtlePie made sure that each page of the Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundationw website was optimized for every device type, ensuring an easy and enjoyable user experience for every visitor to TurtlePie developed a custom Events scheduling application that allows CRHCF staff to easily schedule and publish end-of-life education events in their service areas. TurtlePie also produced content and landing pages for CRHCF's Crossroads Kids Grief Camp initiative. TurtlePie ensured that every page was mobile friendly on the Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation website.

The Results

TurtlePie helped Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation boost their traffic across all metrics by an average of 214%.

Website Search Traffic Growth

After the initial relaunch, it took time for the new design and optimizations to begin showing results. As sure as anything, though, the traffic and conversions began to flow in — to the tune of a 214% increase in traffic across all devices.

TurtlePie produced a 2200% increase in social traffic to the Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation website.

Social Traffic and Audience Growth

After revamping the CRHCF social presence, establishing a social schedule, and engaging in 1-one-1 user interaction, we saw (and continue to see) an incredible 2200% in website traffic originating from social platforms, and a giant boom in social followership.

TurtlePie helped Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation achieve a 214% increase in organic search traffic.

Organic Search Traffic Growth

As we continued to put effort into producing consistent, quality content for CRHCF, the work began to pay off. We helped achieve a 214% increase in website traffic originating from Google search and other search engine queries.

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